10 May 2021

PT. Japan Asia Consultants is a Foreign Investment Company, located at Jalan Sudirman Jakarta. We help our clients to establish company in Indonesia, corporate action such as business expansion, merger and acquisition, reengineering.

10 May 2021
PT Tritunggal Swarna

PT. Tritunggal Swarna was established in 2009 and has been providing solutions in Low Voltage Electrical Power Distribution since then. We manufacture and distribute Low Voltage Electrical Equipment, such as switchboards and electrical
components to support the need of Indonesia National Electricity Company across Indonesia.

Following the development of the market, with a comprehensive facility and technology, we aim to deliver the best quality and innovative solutions to bring satisfaction to our customers. As a technical background company, we stand for quality, efficiency and safety conscious products that cope with every eventuality. We make sure that our products are type tested and certified with SPLN and IEC standards, the Quality Control System is applied by the National Electricity Company.

This has set us apart from our competitors and become one of the trusted providers in the market. 
PT. Tritunggal Swarna is on a mission to improve continually to provide the best quality products and generate professionals, and together as a team strives to make
contribution for the development of the nation.

Web : https://tritunggalswarna.co.id

07 May 2021

UNIBI – Universitas Informatika dan Bisnis Indonesia – Indonesian University of Informatic and Business

Loker Dosen Ilkom dan FTI
Loker Staf Administrasi
Loker Staf Programmer
Loker Staf Pusat Studi Bahasa
Loker Staf Unit Pembelajaran dan Kurikulum

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07 May 2021

Clothes aren’t simply made to cover us up. We wear them to show how we feel, who we are as a person. To express our inner values. For muslim girls in Indonesia, finding the right kind of chic can be frustrating, while all we wanted is to be comfortable and confident.

HijabChic was created 9 years ago, and it has now become the number one leading modest apparel brand in Indonesia. We hope to become a global inspiration for all you chic souls. We want you to show your sense of style, your real identity. HijabChic is more than a brand, it is our love letter to all of you chic souls.

Stay Chic, HijabChic.

06 May 2021
PT Platinum Ceramics Industry

PT Platinum Ceramics Industry berdiri sejak tahun 1971 di Surabaya, Jawa Timur. PT. Platinum Ceramics Industry adalah perusahaan manufaktur berskala nasional yang bergerak dibidang pembuatan keramik. Kantor pusat kami berlokasi di Jalan Panglima Sudirman 23-25, Surabaya. Sedangkan untuk lokasi pabrik terdapat di Karang Pilang-Surabaya, Waringin Anom-Gresik dan Bekasi-Jawa Barat.

Untuk kantor pemasaran tersebar di seluruh wilayah Indonesia, antara lain: Medan, Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya dan Denpasar.dari segi penjualan, PT Platinum Ceramics Industry telah mencakup pasar lokal maupun ekspor ke negara-negara Asia dan Amerika. Merk keramik yang diproduksi oleh PT Platinum Ceramics Industry adalah Platinum Tile dan Asia Tile. Sebagai bentuk semangat juang dan dedikasi yang tinggi, PT Platinum Ceramics Industry telah menerima beberapa penghargaan dianataranya Top Brand Award 2012 (Asia Tile), Rekor Muri 2021 untuk ukuran keramik terbesar 80×80 (Platinum Tile) dan superbrands Award 2013 (Asia Tile).


06 May 2021

Vivo is devoted to forming a vibrant mobile internet ecosystem, and currently owns and operates an extensive network of research operations, with R&D centers in San Diego, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Beijing, Hangzhou and Taipei. These centers focus on the development of cutting-edge consumer technologies including 5G, AI, mobile photography and next-generation smartphone design.

Vivo has also set up 5 production bases around the world across China, South Asia and Southeast Asia. Vivo has over two hundred million users enjoying its mobile products and services around the world.

Vivo features offline retail stores in over 1,000 cities worldwide.

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05 May 2021

EPITERMA has grown rapidly since it established in 1987, we have proven track record of having participate in many mining project mainly overseas. We have experience for over 26 years in mining project and we are still focusing in developing our core of competency in mining project in order to be able to compete in Globalization market. To compete with other similar companies, we have built a strong commitment toward customer’s requirements by following International Standard related to the nature of business. Since 2009, Quality Management (ISO 9001:2008) and Health & Safety Management (OHSAS 18001:2007) were implemented to achieve this commitment. In 2012, we have certified by ASME for U and U2 stamp through Epiterma Mas Konstruksi (subsidiary company of Epiterma Mas Indonesia)

05 May 2021
PT Central Georgette Nusantara

Fujitex Group didirikan di Bandung tahun 1974 dan sekarang berkantor pusat di Cimahi, Jawa Barat, yang merupakan perusahaan milik pribadi dengan bidang utamanya dalam industri tekstil.

Saat ini, bidang usaha utama Fujitex Group diwakili oleh tiga cabang:

– PT Fuji Palapa Textile Industries (Fujitex), berkantor pusat di Cimahi, Jawa Barat.

– PT Central Georgette Nusantara (CGN), juga berdomisili di Cimahi.

– PT Central Georgette Nusantara Printing Mills (CGNPM), berdomisili di Padalarang, Jawa Barat.