14 February 2020
PT. Sinarmas Sekuritas

Sinarmas Sekuritas is one of the biggest securities company in Indonesia and part of large Indonesia conglomerate. The company is known for its rich experience of more than 30 years in the field of capital market.


Become a reliable and trustworthy investment partner for every investor


Integrity, Positive Attitude, Commitment, Continues Improvement, Innovative, Loyal


13 February 2020
PT. Alkindo Naratama, Tbk

– Alkindo berdiri tahun 1989 (22 tahun)
– Memiliki kegiatan usaha dalam bidang Produksi dan Pemasaran produk konversi kertas (paper converting)
– Bahan baku yang digunakan :
kertas industri Core Board yang merupakan hasil daur ulang kertas bekas (recycle paper)
– Memiliki 2 pabrik di Komplek Industri Cimarema, Padalarang, Kabupaten Bandung, Beridi di tanah seluas 19.661 M2 dan 42.129 M2

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13 February 2020
Vista Education (PT. VIC Indonesia)

PT. VIC Indonesia is one stop education company that provides Overseas Study Consultation (VOS: Vista Overseas Study), English Language School (VE : Vista English), In-company Training (V-Pro: Vista for Professionals) and LIU Media with the head quarter located in Surabaya.

VOS is a counseling business firm, which deals with recruiting students and assisting them to study overseas to more than 10 different countries (USA, Canada, Switzerland, Spain, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Indonesia etc.). Founded in 1998, Vista has been growing rapidly to become a young-spirited, dynamic company committed to be consistent with its vision to be a leader in overseas study consultation in Indonesia.

VE is The International English Preparation Specialist, ie.: TOEFL ® PBT Prep. Course, TOEFL ® iBT Prep. Course, IELTS Prep. Course and Academic English. Most of our students have definite plans to continue their study both overseas and at local universities that apply an English-Based Curriculum. We help the students in these particular purposes by enhancing their capabilities and language skills.

One of the biggest ETS Authorized TOEFL iBT Center in Indonesia with currently has 10 STN Centers in Surabaya, Jakarta, Bandung and Denpasar. V-Pro is an integral part of PT. VIC Indonesia, is The Specialist in Business English Training

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13 February 2020
PT. Idola Selaras Abadi

PT. Idola Selaras Abadi merupakan perusahaan nasional yang bergerak dalam industri tekstile.
Perusahaan kami didirikan pada tahun 2015 yang berlokasi dl Jl. Rancajigang No. 32 Majalaya, Kabupaten Bandung, Jawa Barat.

PT. Idola Selaras Abadi mempunyai kapasitas produksi tekstil sebesar 2,6 juta yard/bulan dengan konsumen distributor tekstil, industri garmen, dan pengolah produk tekstil dalam/luar negeri. Produk yang di buat PT. Idola Selaras Abadi adalah produk tekstil dalam/luar negeri. Produk yang di buat PT. Idola Selaras Abadi adalah kain jenis-jenis knitting sepandex seperti scuba, waffle, kulit jeruk, dan lainnya, juga kain-kain jenis woven seperti wool peach, baloteli, PE, BSY, dan lainnya.

PT. Idola Selaras Abadi bertekad untuk menerapkan Sistem manajemen Mutu sebagai upaya untuk memperbaiki kinerja produksi untuk menghasilkan mutu produk yang memenuhi persyaratan pelanggan, hukum, dan persyaratan yang berlaku.

PT. Idola Selaras Abadi berorientasi kepada kepuasan pelanggan dengan melakukan perbaikan terus menerus terhadap Sistem Manajemen Mutu perusahaan serta meningkatkan kualitas sumber daya manusia.

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13 February 2020
Mid Plaza (PT. Karang Mas Sejahtera)

Founded in the 1980s, MidPlaza started out with the tower that gave us our name MidPlaza 1, in Jakarta’s central business district. Since then we’ve become about so much more. Today, MidPlaza Holding is a diversified company that has become a byword for innovation, integrity and dependability. It represents some of the most recognized brands in Indonesia and internationally across Property, Hospitality, IT and Agribusiness, and leverages synergies between different business units to offer more value for our customers.

The guiding philosophy of MidPlaza is our PILAR, the vision and mission which are incorporated into each business. The PILAR represents our commitment to listen to the needs of our people, whether employees or customers, to create quality innovative solutions and achieve the highest level of customer loyalty and satisfaction. Our team is passionate about our service philosophy and maximizing synergies within the group. In this way, we are able to strengthen our business units and continually evolve to remain a leader in our respective industries. This is the story of our evolution so far.

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10 February 2020
PT. Fastrata Buana (Kapal Api Group)

PT. Fastrata Buana has been established since 1992 and from the begining we are assigned to distribute our principal products throughout Indonesia. After more than 20 years, our company has developed rapidly. By carrying our big vision and mission, we hope that PT.Fastrata Buana can continue growing and developing.

For the present time, PT. Fastrata Buana is the biggest distribution company in Indonesia having branches in Sumatera, Java, Bali, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, and Papua. PT. Fastrata Buana supports 500 thousand direct coverage outlets with capability reaching throughout Indonesia.

To upgrade our service and distribution quickly throughout Indonesia, we continuously widening our existing branch locations by building new branches or institutions to deliver our consumers demand in the provinces with high future potential market.

Our warehouse facilities are with high storage capacity and equipt with up-to-date inventory management system to make sure that our products are always ready and available in the market.

As one of the most important things in a distribution company, our fleets cover big, medium, and small capacity vehicles to make sure our products are well distributed for all level (from wholesale, semi wholesale, and retail) in all areas in Indonesia.

We are operated profesionally and completed with experienced, skillful, and high integrity people. We are also supported by up-to-date on-line technology, real-time and comprehensive information access so that all distribution and sales data can be used by our prinsipal business partners in making quick and acurate decisions.

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10 February 2020
PT. Lotus Lingga Pratama

Lotus Lingga Pratama (LLP) is widely known nationwide as a prominent player in the gold jewelry industry. We start since in 1975 as home industry specializing in gold jewelry design and manufacturing. As a leading producer of gold jewelry, we have a prestigious reputation in maintaining the quality of our products and the accuracy of their gold content at the highest standard. LLP is headquartered in Bandung, Indonesia with its production unit on site and branch offices in various areas in Indonesia. Numerous developments to this thriving, privately-owned business throughout the span of four decades have enabled the company to expand its capacity incrementally, and also to widen its market base immensely. LLP is a globally-oriented company whose export markets include various countries in Asia, the Middle East, and the United States.

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10 February 2020
PT. Binacitra Kharisma Lestari

PT. Binacitra Kharisma Lestari berdiri tahun 1988, merupakan manufacture pakaian jadi dengan merk Watchout & Triset. Jenis Pakaian Wanita, Pakaian Pria, Celana, Pants, Jaket, dll. Kami mempunyai karyawan sebanyak 800 orang, dan mempunyai sekitar 700 outlet dan 40 Showroom, yang berada di seluruh Indonesia.

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